02 December 2016

‘Disco Marilyn’...Donna Jordan

Linda Evangelista channels Donna Jordan, by Steven Miesel 

Vogue Italia March 1972
 Model Donna Jordan
 Photo Oliviero Toscani

Dubbed Disco Marilyn

Donna Jordan was a model and part of YSL’s clique in Paris and a muse to Karl Lagerfeld. She was a firm believer in vintage fashion, red lipstick and glamour. Donna was also a Andy Warhol Superstar, Jordan co-starred in the 1973 Warhol film, L'Amour with Jane Forth. She played
American gold digger in Paris a in which she shared a passionate kissing scene with Karl Lagerfeld.

01 December 2016

Day Without Art

Keith Haring
Three-Eyed Monster (from Icons), 1990
Screenprint in colors

In 1989 in response to the worsening AIDS crisis and coinciding with the World Health Organization’s second annual World AIDS Day on December 1, Visual AIDS organized the first Day Without Art.

30 November 2016

Igor Stravinsky, Fantasia In Italiano Disney 1940

Igor Stravinsky by Pablo Picasso

Fantasia garnered significant critical acclaim at the time of release and was seen by some critics as a masterpiece